Exercise for Teenagers: Top 5 Pre-Workouts for Teens

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

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Exercise for Teenagers: Top 5 Pre-Workouts for Teens

Pre-workout supplements can provide a boost of energy and focus during physical activities. Understanding what your body needs to perform at its peak is crucial to improve athletic performance.

What is Pre-Workout?

Pre-workout supplements are designed to provide energy and focus during physical activity. They usually contain ingredients like caffeine, creatine, L-Citrulline, and beta-alanine. These ingredients, over time, can help increase strength, endurance, and alertness during exercise.

What is the difference between pre-workouts?

The main difference between pre-workouts is the source and amount of the active ingredients. Some pre-workout supplements contain stimulants like caffeine, while others do not. These are often advertised as stim-free.

Additionally, some have higher concentrations of certain nutrients than others. For example, companies will add more L-Citrulline and Beta-Alanine, but lower the amount of caffeine to give the user a more enhanced pump rather than a rush of energy. And vice versa, some companies want users to get punched in the face with 400 mg of caffeine.

Countdown of the Top 5 Pre-Workout for Teens

Starting with number 5. (We saved the best for last!)

5 – Alpha Lion

Containing a fair amount of L-citrulline, paired with 3.2 g of Beta-alanine, this pre-workout is an appropriate choice for teenagers looking to start taking pre-workout. This is a good pre-workout if you go to the gym and are looking for a pump.

It’s worth mentioning that the Super Human line offers different types of pre-workouts, each designed to target specific fitness goals. Some claim to enhance energy levels, increase muscle pump, or promote fat burning. However, based on user feedback, it’s challenging to confirm the effectiveness of these claims.

While some individuals had good experiences, it’s important to remember that pre-workouts can affect people differently. It’s advisable to approach these products with an open mind and adjust your expectations accordingly. You can split some money with friends, try different brands, and explore the market.

4 – Ryse

The Ryse Ring Pop flavored pre-workout is highly regarded as one of the best pre-workouts for teenagers, offering a range of benefits for young athletes and fitness enthusiasts. As a pre-workout supplement, it falls within the dietary supplements specifically formulated to maximize blood flow and energy.

One of the key advantages of this pre-workout is its ability to boost energy and focus. Its carefully selected ingredients deliver the necessary physical and mental power to tackle intense exercise sessions. This is particularly beneficial for teenage athletes who need an extra push to optimize their athletic performance.

This pre-workout includes 4.5 g of L-citrulline, 3.5 g of Beta-Alanine, 10 mg of Thinkamine, 50 mg of L-Theanine, and 350 mg of caffeine.

In English, these are many ingredients meant to multiply your focus and muscle endurance. L-citrulline essentially opens up your blood flow and gives you the desired pump you want.

Beta-alanine has been shown to delay muscle fatigue and lactic acids, giving you a 2-3 performance increase. The caffeine is mixed with a substance called zümXR, which slows the crash you typically get from caffeine for 6 hours.

L-Theanine is put into the pre-workout mainly to pair with the caffeine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea, and when mixed with caffeine, it gives you all the standard benefits without the expected crash.

Additionally, the pre-workout contains ingredients known to support muscle growth and recovery. Including compounds such as creatine monohydrate and essential amino acids aids in muscle repair, reducing muscle soreness, and supporting overall muscle development. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to build muscle mass and improve their muscle endurance.

3 – Wrecked

Looking closer at the reviews for Wrecked pre-workout, it stands out as one of the top pre-workouts for teenagers seeking an effective and safe supplement. Wrecked offers a comprehensive pre-workout formula specifically designed to meet the needs of young athletes aged 16 to 18.

One of the standout features of Wrecked pre-workout is its careful formulation. It combines vital ingredients, including beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate, and branched-chain amino acids, to support muscle endurance, reduce muscle fatigue, and aid muscle recovery. These components work synergistically to help young athletes push through intense workouts and achieve optimal results.

Safety is a top priority, especially regarding pre-workout supplements for teens. Wrecked pre-workout is formulated with the well-being of young athletes in mind, ensuring that it is free from any banned substances. It is considered a dietary supplement, complying with the necessary regulations and providing teenagers with a safe and reliable option.

2 – Gorilla

The Gorilla Mode pre-workout line has gained recognition as one of the best teen pre-workouts, offering a safe and effective option for young athletes. These pre-workout supplements, formulated with the needs of teenage athletes in mind, provide the necessary support for workout performance, athletic performance, and muscle growth.

For teenagers looking to bulk up, a bulk pre-workout may be a suitable choice. These pre-workouts support muscle gain and provide the energy needed for intense exercise. However, it’s important to note that pre-workouts should be taken as part of a balanced diet and not solely relied upon for muscle building. Proper nutrition, including protein powders and essential amino acids, is crucial in supporting muscle growth and recovery.

Some teenagers may prefer caffeine-free pre-workout options, especially if they are sensitive to caffeine or want to avoid energy drinks. Caffeine anhydrous is a common ingredient found in pre-workouts, but there are caffeine-free alternatives available that can still provide a boost in physical energy and enhance athletic performance.

When choosing pre-workout supplements for teens, it’s essential to consider the safety and quality of the products. Look for pre-workouts free from banned substances and considered dietary supplements.

1- Cbum THAVAGE (the winner)

RAW Thavage Pre-Workout – Blue Raspberry

THAVAGE pre-workout is widely regarded as one of the best pre-workouts for teenagers, making it an ideal choice for young athletes looking to enhance their workout performance. With its well-balanced blend of pre-workout supplements, this supplement provides the energy and focus needed to maximize athletic performance during intense exercise sessions.

It contains essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids, which support muscle growth and reduce muscle fatigue. Additionally, it includes creatine monohydrate, a popular ingredient known for its potential to improve muscle endurance and support muscle mass development.

For teenage athletes, safety is paramount, and THAVAGE pre-workout is formulated to be safe for their age group. It is free from banned substances and caffeine anhydrous, making it a suitable choice for young athletes who want to avoid excessive caffeine intake.

In terms of taste and texture, THAVAGE pre-workout receives high praise. Many users appreciate its great taste and smooth consistency, making it enjoyable to consume. This can be particularly important for teenagers who may be more sensitive to flavors and textures.

THAVAGE pre-workout supports muscle recovery and helps reduce muscle soreness, aiding in muscle-building. Its carefully selected ingredients, including beta-alanine and green tea leaf extract, contribute to improved athletic performance and muscle endurance.

THAVAGE pre-workout can be incorporated into a healthy diet and is suitable for vegan diets, as it does not contain animal-derived ingredients. It is also considered a dietary supplement, supporting the body’s natural protein synthesis and muscle gain processes. It can be used as part of a pre-workout meal or taken separately as a convenient pre-workout drink.

THAVAGE Pre-workout is a trusted brand within the fitness community, known for its commitment to using high-quality, organic ingredients. The Raw Nutrition company behind the THAVAGE brand is recognized for producing entirely natural supplements free from unnecessary additives.

It’s important to note that individual tolerance and preferences may vary, so starting with the recommended dosage is recommended and adjusting as needed. Teenagers should always consult a healthcare professional before taking new dietary supplements, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions.

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Is pre-workout suitable for a 16-year-old?

If the 16-year-old is taking the correct amounts and following all specifications on the tub of pre-workout, then they will be good. Do your research on what pre-workout you think would suit you. I like a pre-workout that will give me a good pump and energy, so I usually go with Cbum’s pre-workout. Find one that suits your wants and try it out.

Dietary Supplements

What are Dietary Supplements?

Dietary supplements are designed to add additional vitamins and minerals to your diet that may be missing or in low amounts for various reasons. Common dietary supplements include multivitamins, creatine, fish oil capsules, calcium pills, B12 tablets, iron capsules, magnesium pills, zinc tablets, probiotics powders/capsules, and more.

Should I take creatine?

Yes! Studies show that there are many benefits to taking creatine and minimal downsides. Creatine helps the body produce more energy, leading to better performance during exercise. Taking creatine has been shown to improve cognitive function and decision-making significantly. It also helps increase muscle mass and strength, reduce fatigue, and improve recovery time. Additionally, it may help support brain health by enhancing cognition.

Should I take creatine pills or powder?

Generally, the way you intake creatine is all relative. It doesn’t matter as long as you are getting the recommended amount and the right amount of water in your system. Taking creatine pills is easier to keep up with and requires less work.

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I have used all of these personally and sometimes switch between them. They are all pretty good, and it comes down to personal preference. I have included Amazon links for each product for your convenience. (Disclosure: Amazon will pay me a tiny commission if you use my link, you will pay the same price regardless.)

Let us know which one you like best or if there is another we should try.

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