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“An Actionable System To Build A Mindset For Sports and Life...

Turn failure into fuel, loss into victory, and setbacks into comebacks. 5 Simple Steps to Build Resilience, Confidence, and Grit.

This Isn't Just Another Book About Sports
I love that the author doesn't make it just about sports but about qualities needed in everyday life. It is about strength and grit and that losses add knowledge to your life. Our children need to know that they may not always win but we learn from every experience and we grow and get better and keep trying. They shouldn't give up after a loss. Success comes by staying motivated, working hard and pushing forward. I enjoyed reading this book with my son and recommend it.”

– Angie 

The Book I Wished I Had. I Learned the Hard Way, So You Don't Have to.

5 Simple Steps to Build Resilience, Confidence, and Grit.

About Chad Metcalf

Chad is an entrepreneur, author, former Navy SEAL, and professional athlete. He knows how to tackle big challenges with precision and dedication. 

He writes books to share what he has learned with others so they can shortcut the path to building a strong mindset and success.

What Everyone Is Saying About

“Young Athletes' Ultimate Guide to Mental Toughness”

Lessons for EVERYONE
As a licensed professional counselor I read this to help my clients struggling with athletic performance. I quickly realized how many of the lessons could help ALL of my clients. Do you need help with athletic performance? READ THIS. Do you want inspiration for life? READ THIS. It’s easy to read and well-written!

– B White

Must Read for Anyone!
I played the LPGA Tour for almost 20 years, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to live & perform best they can in their life Plenty of tools change your thinking!

– Wendy Doolan

Perfect tool for the mind
This Book is phenomenal! I was a D1 football player who had the opportunity of putting on an NFL helmet and I would recommend this book to not only athletes but anyone that’s looking to sharpen the mind!

– Amazon Customer

It says it's for young athletes. I guess we're all young athletes now.
Grit, resilience, even a lick of stoicism. These things have been lost in today's world that promotes complacency and mediocrity, but what Chad has done here is provide a resource for everyone everywhere to build the mental toughness they need for life (and I know once I have teens, I'll re-read it with them).

If you're willing to look at athletics as an analogy for life, then this book works perfectly fine for anyone. And athletics is the perfect symbol for life because you just can't fudge the numbers. Either you won first place or you didn't. Either you scored the goal or you didn't. There's perhaps no other activity where failure is so clear and observable. So the advice given is so applicable to life, because in life we all seem to suffer from two issues: downplaying our failure, or believing we can't overcome it. He gives practical advice to help warm you up to overcoming failure, like taking calculated risks, and then goes into the actual mechanisms to improve like self-assessment (take his 25 question self-assessment test and switch "sport" with your hobby, business, relationship, etc.).

A much needed book for today's young people, let alone your younger adults.

– Joshua M

Learn mental toughness from the toughest.

I am a father of 2 young children. I played d1 football in college. I actively compete in jiu Jitsu, and strongman.

I want so badly to pass on what I have learned about mental toughness to my kids. BUT! I have struggled immensely understanding the psychology of teaching this to little ones.

Chad is a former Navy SEAL, nobody understands this topic better than him and his peers.

I was 10 pages in and realized I have been approaching it all wrong. If you have kids, even if they aren’t involved In athletics; I strongly recommend giving this a read!

– Ty

A must read for people of all ages!

This is by far and away one of the superior books I have read that will no doubt have a positive impact on anybody who reads it.

Regardless of your age, athlete or not, everyone will benefit from this book.

I have been a Sales professional for 28 years and this book has helped me change my mindset in overcoming new hurdles and situations I face in my career.

I can’t say enough about this book and the positive impact it has made on my life and career. 

– Matt N

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Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I am certain that if you read and implement the system outlined in the book, you will improve.

Success does not happen overnight and success does not necessarily come to those who work the hardest. Success comes to those you persevere and learn from failure (and a couple other things...).

If you read the book and don't find value in it (unlikely), send it back and get a refund.

Here's Just Some Of What

You'll Find Inside Your Copy Of This Extraordinary New Book:

  • ​The power of an honest self assessment and how to do one​ (page 11)
  • ​Why Knowledge is the prerequisite to skill and how to get it (page 30)
  • ​Deliberate practice - what it is and how to use it                    (page 23)
  • ​The training mindset​                                                                  (page 59)
  • ​The competition mindset                                                           (page 71)
  • ​How you can use failure to fuel success                                 ​ (page 81)
  • ​Examples of mental toughness in the real world.                    (page 90)

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  • “Young Athletes' Ultimate Guide to Mental Toughness” – signed copy (paperback)  
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About Chad Metcalf

Chad is an entrepreneur, author, and former Navy SEAL. He knows how to tackle big challenges with precision and dedication. Chad's commitment to excellence has been an inspiration for many; he even attempted to make it on the PGA tour but had to take a different path the third time he ran out of money! 

He writes books to share what he has learned with others so they can shortcut the path to building a strong mindset and success.

He is also working on a project to help young adults figure out their direction in life and make the most of their gifts and talents.


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